Pakistani ‘chai wala’ turns model after finding famous on Social Media


Arshad Khan, 18, was photographed pouring tea at Islamabad’s Sunday Bazaar by photographer Javeria Ali.
A handsome “chai wala” (tea seller) in Pakistan has seen his life change overnight after a picture of him at work swept the internet.
Arshad Khan, who works at Islamabad’s Sunday Bazaar, has women gushing over his good looks.
Arshad joined the tea stall a few months ago, local media reported.

Twitteratti has been abuzz with comments on Arshad’s good looks.

“A chaiwala from Pakistan is now famous on Indian social media. This is truly aMan kee aasha,” said one Twitter post.

Blue-Eyed Pakistani Chaiwala Becomes Internet Sensation
After his sudden fame, the whole world seemed to be on a search for the eyes that launched a million tweets.
Jiah Ali, the photographer who captured the guy, has taken media from all over the country to meet the guy here in Islamabad and here’s everything you need to know about him:
Unaware of his world fame, Arshad had been hustling at the chai shop before the media swooped in on him.
Well Arshad, you probably won’t have to be making tea in the near future, thanks to Jiah Ali:

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