How We Get Advance in Zong – Zong Emergency Loan – Zong Advance Loan

Zong is the best and fastest growing network in Pakistan. It has always been providing the customers with the services they need. Often your balance gets low and you have to make some important calls. Now the Zong gives the service to get Advance/ Loan balance through the service named “Zong Rescue Service“. By this service, you can get a loan balance of Rs. 5.

How to Get Rescue Balance in Zong:

To get advance balance, write a new message

Write “Rescue” in SMS and Send it to 911.

(You will receive the confirmation messages and balance will be given to you).


Rs. 5 + 1 = Rs. 6 given will be deducted on recharge (Service charges are Rs. 1).

Zong Advance Balance Loan Code 911:

There are lot of user of Zong and we are bringing all the information about Zong packages and offers. There are number of customers of this network in Pakistan just because of its best and cheap rates for calls, messages and internet bundles Every one know about Zong that is is a telecommunication company but read next to get Zong basic info and Zong Advance Balance Loan Code 911 . Zong is a pan Pakistani mobile network operator having its headquarter in Islamabad. It offers voice and data services ranging from postpaid and prepaid plans, 2G, 3G and 4G services to the user of it. In Pakistan it is the first overseas association of China Mobile through acquisition of a license from Millicon to operate a GSM network in Pakistan from the year of 2008 to present. This network is fastly growing itself in Pakistan by giving too much facilities to the customer of Zong. In this post we are going to share the method of Zong Advance Balance. That is and amazing facility provided to the customers that, you can get Zong Loan if your credit has finished. This offers is only for prepaid customer, not for postpaid. If you want to know How to get Zong advance balance, check under here:

Method to get Zong Advance: Send a blank SMS to 911

Zong Advance Balance Loan Code 911

Zong Advance Balance code
Most of us have almost every sim from all network including Zong, Jazz, Warid, Telenor and Ufone and every one of these offer advance balance but amount and method could be different. All user love this service because sometimes you get stuck and need emergency load but are far from any load shop, in this case just send a message or dial a code number and get immediate advance balance amount from Rs. 10 to more according to company rules and regulations. Some people on net also are telling others about how to get free advance balance from mobile networks but beware of these because programrs and people working in those companies are taking lot of salaries in IT department for safety of their programs. So just use legal way to get zong advance balance or load.

Method is very simply.
Just send message “rescue” and send to zong number 911. OR simply send an empty message to 911.
After few moments you will receive a confirmation message at your number.
Now you can use this balance and enjoy.

How to Get Zong Advance Loan:


If you are the user of Zong, you should send a blank message to “911”.
You will receive the 5 % balance of the amount that you have used in running month.
However, there is a limitation of this advance balance up to Rs. 50. It means, you cannot get more than Rs. 50 as an advance load, even you have used the Zong balance in the running month more than Rs. 1000.
There is one more condition for getting advance load from Zong. You must have balance less than Rs. 5 for getting advantage from Zong offer of getting advance load. Moreover, you have recharged your Zong account within last 30 days to avail this opportunity.

How To Get Rs. 50 as loan on Zong:

A very easy And a Simple Way to Get Rs.50 As Loan On Zong Or from Zong..come with Us we tell You..
Zong is offering its customers to get loan upto Rs.50 . A customer can avail 5% of its used balance on the current month as loan for example if you consume Rs 100 then you can get Rs.5 as loan. The Maximum limit of loan is Rs.50.
How to Get?
Send “Rescue” and send to 911
After The message You Will Be get 50 Rs As lOan

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