Afghani Karahi Recipes For Everday


Chicken 1+1/2kg,cut into 16 pieces
Green chillies 6 cut,thinly lengthwise
Ginger 1 tbsp julienne cut
Black pepper 1/2 tbsp ,crushed
Yellow food colour pinch
Lemons 2
White vineger 2 tbsp
Salt to taste
Oil 1 cup


Wash kitchen.Put in a pan with vinegar,food colour and salt;cook on low heat till liquid evoporates and chicken is tender.Sprinkle the kchicken with green chillies,crushed black pepper and ginger.Heat oil in a separate pan till very hot and pour over the kitchen.Add lemon juice.Serve with hot naan.


After squeezing lemons,rub the peel on elbows to clean them.

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